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Established in 2001, KBS was formed to bring its customers a diverse line of quality residential housing, commercial, and industrial buildings. The company’s main office and factory are located in South Paris, Maine, while its second factory is located a short distance away in Waterford, Maine.

KBS has established itself throughout New England as an innovator in the modular industry through its engineering efforts. As the residential housing market tumbled in the late 2000’s, KBS was able to stay viable as the leader in commercial modular construction. With two facilities, KBS was able to maintain its loyalty to its builder base and continued to build and deliver residential projects in a timely manner.

KBS is proud of its reputation for building quality homes and will continue to focus on its relationships with its large and talented builder base. Through its builders and vendors, KBS is building quality homes throughout New England with the latest custom designed features and products. KBS is in its 16th year of operation and is still focused on Quality Built Custom Homes.

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