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KBS Builders Wins $2.2 Million Contract to Manufacture Classrooms for the South Burlington School District in Burlington, Vermont

South Paris, Maine, May 8, 2023

Construction at KBS for these Zero Energy Modular units is scheduled to begin immediately, allowing for work to commence when schools close for summer break and conclude prior to their fall reopening.

KBS Builders, Inc., the leading modular manufacturer in New England, announced today it has signed a $2.2 million contract to manufacture 24 modules for the construction of classrooms for two elementary schools in the South Burlington School District in Burlington, Vermont. This forward-thinking project will be critical in helping the City of Burlington meet its need for permanent learning spaces in a timely, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manner. KBS is also receiving technical assistance from a team led by Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (“VEIC”) to improve both the productivity of the factory and the energy efficiency of the units – work which is funded by the United States Department of Energy under the Advanced Building Construction (ABC) Initiative.

For each school, KBS will be building three classrooms including two group rooms. This project, when completed, will be creating over 12,000 square feet of new classroom space for the school district utilizing zero energy modular (ZEM) design. The school additions should help alleviate an already over-enrolled system for the South Burlington School District as registrations are expected to grow by approximately 20% over the next 10 years. All 24 modules, which will be manufactured in South Paris, ME, and shipped to each site in South Burlington, VT, are expected to be assembled within two days following delivery.

The new classrooms designed by renowned architects Dore and Whittier will meet stringent ZEM standards using construction principles that result in healthier indoor air quality, better durability, and lower energy consumption at a lower cost and a higher quality than similar site-built structures.

Thatcher Butcher, President of KBS noted, “This high-impact project for the City of Burlington is an excellent showcase for the versatility of the KBS product as well as the benefits of high-quality modular construction. With production beginning immediately, KBS’s advanced construction methodology will minimize the impact on the schools’ operations, allowing for work to commence when schools close for summer break and conclude prior to their fall reopening. I am proud of the progress the KBS team continues to make on expanding its market presence and bolstering its reputation as New England’s modular manufacturer of choice.”

Mr. Butcher concluded, “The collaboration with VEIC is designed to help us further improve both the productivity of our factory and the energy efficiency of the units we are manufacturing for the South Burlington School District and positions us well to continue gaining share in the large and important education and student housing market.  Furthermore, these upgraded capabilities will position us to take advantage of additional opportunities arising from the ABC Initiative which integrates energy efficiency solutions into highly productive construction processes.” 

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KBS designs and manufactures modular structures with a commitment to residential housing, net-zero design, commercial, and mixed-use buildings. KBS works hand-in-hand with developers, general contractors, architects, and builders to customize and produce the exact type of modular structure they are seeking. The Company’s main office and factory are located in South Paris, Maine, while a second factory is located a short distance away in Oxford, Maine. 

About VEIC

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (“VEIC”) is a sustainable energy company on a mission to generate the energy solutions the world needs. For over 30 years VEIC has been working with governments, utilities, foundations, and businesses across North America to develop and deploy clean energy services that provide immediate and lasting change. With expertise in energy efficiency, building decarbonization, transportation electrification, and new approaches for a clean and flexible grid, VEIC brings innovative solutions to the market. VEIC is nationally recognized for developing pilots and programs that optimize energy use, reduce energy burdens for low-income customers, and advance new technologies. In addition to our full-service consulting business, VEIC administers three large-scale sustainable energy programs: Efficiency Vermont, Efficiency Smart, and the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU).

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