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What We Do

KBS designs and manufactures modular structures with a commitment to residential housing, net zero design, commercial, and mixed-use buildings. We work hand-in-hand with developers, general contractors, architects, and builders to customize and produce the exact type of modular structure they are seeking. The company’s main office and factory are located in South Paris, Maine, while a second factory is located a short distance away in Oxford, Maine.


  • Modular Homes:
    Single-Family Homes
  • Commercial Modular:
    Multi-Family Homes
  • Panels


  • Plan Customization
  • Engineering
  • Modular Building Delivery & Logistics
  • On-Site Modular Assembly
  • Panelized Wall Assembly
KBS Builders Modular Construction in New England

A Partner You Can Trust

For almost 20 years, KBS has been building quality modular structures with the latest custom designed features and products throughout New England.

We rely on strong relationships with our large and talented builder base and work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations. With a proven track record of success, KBS is trusted by the best in the business.

The KBS Builders Team

Management Team

Matt Mosher of KBS Builders
Matt Mosher 
General Manager
Matt Sullivan of KBS Builders
Matt Sullivan
VP of Sales and Business Development
Andy Grant of KBS Builders
Andy Grant
Engineering Manager
Jeff Sanborn
Mike Cordwell of KBS Builders
Mike Cordwell
Estimating Manager

Sales Team

Joe Martin of KBS Builders
Joe Martin
Regional Sales
Gerry Howley
Regional Sales
Mike Brennan of KBS Builders
Mike Brennan
Sales Operation

Our Expertise

KBS offers a complete range of single-family modular homes that you can customize to your own specifications.

Our builders produce quality town homes, apartments, multi-family and commercial properties for our clients.

KBS builds quality homes throughout New England with the latest custom-designed features and products.

Virtual Factory Tour

KBS’s main office and factory are located in South Paris, Maine, while a second factory is located a short distance away in Oxford, Maine. Each factory can produce up to 10-12 modular units per week, allowing us to meet the needs of large-scale commercial projects.


Millroom and Automated Hundegger CNC Saw


Cabinets, Trim, Countertops, and Trim Assembly


Plumbing and Electrical 


Walls and Roofing


Panel Line






Production Line: Painting, Insulation, Finishing


Transport Wrap and Delivery Preparation


South Paris Location
Oxford Location

Service Areas

KBS Builders serves the greater New England area and surrounding states.

Tour KBS Builders

If you are interested in working with KBS Builders, the best place to start is with a tour of our factory. Tours are available on Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Request your visit today!

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